Englightened Entrepreneurial Environments

How does one create a business that nurtures, heals and prospers?  What environment nurtures you to become more alive?

Entrepreneurship requires innovation skills that they don’t teach in business colleges or in corporations. Here you learn how to think ahead of the curve so that your business can survive by adapting to market conditions.

The key to success is discovering what you love to do, and then building a business around that activity. The Entrepreneur School shows you how to achieve financial freedom by growing your own business.

Jobs are disappearing, the stock market is in disarray, and the traditional professions are glutted. Machines and cheap foreign labor are transforming the economy. The future belongs to people that can provide specialized services.

Free agent entrepreneurs start their businesses without capital. They apply ingenuity to create pilot projects with people who share their passion. They complete small test projects to see what works and what doesn’t.  Free agent entrepreneurs start small.  They avoid risks. They grow reliable businesses based on activities they enjoy.

One of our students loved to fish, so he rented a boat and charged his buddies $50 for an excursion on the Gulf of Mexico.  As his business grew, he left his management position at an oil refinery to buy a fleet of boats. He hired his friends as fishing guides. 

When you focus on what you love to do. each project earns its own money. Your business grows organically,  as naturally as children learn to walk—one step at a time.  Following your heart is wise. Your business grows healthy and strong, without complications.

Success in business requires 80% people skills and 20% business skills. We show you how to recruit and train people with complementary skills to build an effective business team. Traditional business schools and universities do an adequate job of teaching business theory.  You learn what you should do, but no one shows you how.  We are professional entrepreneurs and business coaches who inspire by example.  Let us show you the way.